Peanut Butter!

Each day I have entered a place I have not yet been, many of which are grocery stores.  It is pretty safe to say that most of the money I have spent since in Dresden is going toward food. As it should, right? Today my eyes were opened to the best grocery store yet. (That says something when you consider that I’ve been to four different stores already) Karstadt is the winner. It is on the basement floor of a large department store. My was it a beautiful sight. I finally was excited to go grocery shopping again. To compare, I would say it is most similar to Whole Foods in appearance and variety (and price) but not everything is organic, only some. There is a large supply of organic foods available at most supermarkets but the choices aren’t as large as in the United States. Being picky about buying organic is something I have had to ease up on a bit in order to continue to enjoy a varied diet.

Although this market is slightly more expensive, it’s for good reason. There are so many options to choose from and everything is of impeccable quality. And… THEY SELL PEANUT BUTTER!! Now, I don’t really eat peanut butter on a daily basis but being in a foreign country where the food I am accustomed to are less prevalent (or non-existent) I found myself really aware of it’s absence. I thought it was nowhere to be found. Then alas! My life was complete. Not only did I find peanut butter but also jars of almond butter and sunflower seed butter to name a few. Scavenging through other grocery stores there would be a whole aisle of jam and jelly, Nutella, about 3 other types of Nutella-like products and no peanut butter. Are the Germans unaware of the magic of a pure peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I suppose not. (I tried it with Nutella. It just isn’t the same.)

Otherwise, I am still experimenting with different types of milk, yogurt and cheese. It is impossible to tell what they will be like from the German on the wrapper so each selection is an adventure. Milk I have learned what to look for (most important being 1,5% fett). Cheese is easier to guess by what it looks like even though I can’t read the German names. I bought a block of cheese the other day slightly concerned as to how it would taste but it is actually quite lovely. It is a firm “lamb cheese” that has a delicate flavor that reminds me of Emmental. Quite yummy. Yogurt… I just don’t even know.

I’m just happy I finally found peanut butter. I feel so satisfied even though I haven’t even had any yet.


3 responses

  1. I think I need to have a PB & J sandwich for lunch! Yes, those department store food floors are great – glad it’s the same in Dresden.

  2. Do they call the organic food “bio” in Germany? That’s what it’s called in the markets in Switzerland, where i shopped last year.

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