A “zwing” around the Zwinger

Last night Hannah and I took a marvelous after dinner stroll. We were done with rehearsals early in the afternoon so we went home to shower, take a little nap (because it is so hard not to), shower, and eat dinner. Once we had accomplished all of that the evening was still quite young. In order to not sit in our apartment and be bored until it became a decent bedtime hour we decided to go explore Dresden. Destination: the Zwinger. It is a beautiful baroque building that sits directly next to the opera house. It is a shame I hadn’t spent time to look at it sooner. Its absolutely stunning.

In its day, it was primarily a party place for royals. Today it is open to the public, housing a museum in its corridors. Since we went after it closes for the day we could not walk through the museum (what a tragedy) but we spent a long time admiring the courtyard. The lawn was beautifully manicured. It look as though not a singe person has stepped or even touched it in years. There was also a wonderful reflecting pond. Sadly, we could not see our reflections. I really wanted a nice Mufasa moment from the Lion King to happen. It didn’t.

The buildings had mostly the same architecture all the way around. There were many statues of fauns holding up the building. I couldn’t help but find them incredibly amusing. Nor could I keep myself from mocking them. To add to the already picturesque surrounding the moon graced us with it’s presence rising right over the entrance to the Zwinger. How beautiful.

On a final note I must make an addition to one of my previous posts. I failed to give full credit to the lovely Anisa for introducing me to Karstadt (the miracle grocery store). Thank you Anisa!


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