New (Temporary) Home

I am officially living in Philadelphia for the next two months while I perform in The Nutcracker with the Pennsylvania Ballet. Yesterday was moving day. I woke up (an hour after my alarm went off), stuffed my car as neatly as I could, stopped for a much needed car wash, and began my drive across Pennsylvania. Sadly most of the leaves have fallen off the trees by this point so the scenery wasn’t much to be admired. That made the drive pretty boring. I listened to some great music and called a few people to make the time go faster. It didn’t work too well. Road trips by yourself just really aren’t the best. At least there was hardly any traffic.

I made it to my destination at about 3 in the afternoon. Because the apartment building is in the middle of downtown there is no driveway or available street space for unloading. The sidewalk it was. Apparently that’s how most residents of the building unloaded their belongings. My friend and his roommate included. Fine with me. Upstairs, I started right away to make my “room”. I am using a combination of the hall closet and a stack of plastic drawers for my clothes. I have a few extra bins and organizers for my ballet clothes and all my scarves. I think I left more than half of my scarves at home too. It all worked out rather fabulously. It’s a small space but It is just perfect for me and my semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Because I made my room into the foyer, in order to separate my new living quarters from the rest of the apartment I purchased 2 metal clothes racks and some curtains from Ikea to set up as a wall. However, as I was unpacking we noticed that there were some fixtures on the wall that would work perfectly for me to tie some string from and hang my curtains. How lucky! Now I have my own little oasis that makes me feel like I should be escaping from reality on some remote tropical island. Too bad I’m not. Instead I will be romping around in snow for the next two months. Can’t wait.

It has already snowed once this year. On Halloween weekend. Way too early in the year if you ask me. I will admit there was one benefit to the snow. It gave me the opportunity to take pictures with my new camera! Here is a small sample of a few of my shots so far. More from Philly in a few days!


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