Apartment: Step 1

The apartment search has now gotten real. Wahoo!! This afternoon I am heading out to physically look at two apartments that I am interested in renting. I could not be more excited. I am so very much looking forward to being independent again. On top of that, I have been dreaming of decorating ideas for the past few months now. I have created a Pintrest account for the sole purpose of organizing and documenting my thoughts. I am a very visual person so that website is wonderful for me! My ideas are so all over the place right now (and rather extravagant) that I doubt I will be able to accomplish it all. But hey, shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars right?

First off is the kitchen… as you may know already, I spend a good majority of my home time in my kitchen so I am looking for an apartment that has a nice kitchen. I have seen a few layouts online that have the kitchen and the living room combined as one big space. To me, that would be perfect! I’m also looking for a nice amount of counter space. I have some great ideas for counter top storage and I’ll need space for my new blender that I just got for my birthday! =]

For the living room, furniture is going to be a big challenge for me to find. I am going to take a few pieces from my parents, and my sister’s old TV, but that still won’t fill the room. The couch is the scariest one for me to tackle because I don’t want anything exorbitantly expensive but I also want a nice piece that will last many years and not lose it’s appeal. I have been very interested in the idea of “up-cycling” (like recycling, but better) an old door into either a table (coffee, or dining) or a nice large piece of art. That also depends on what luxuries I have with hanging things on my walls.

My bedroom will be easier than the living room because I am just going to take most of the furniture from my room here in my parent’s house. Convenient, huh? Again, I am thinking of painting one or two of the pieces though. I’ve had this furniture since middle school so I am ready to give it a fresh look to go with my fresh new life! =]

Moving is so very stressful usually, but I’m not feeling much of that yet… I don’t expect I will get overwhelmingly stressed either. I am moving within the same city, I have my parents and many friends to help me, and I have several months (with not much else on my schedule) to get it done. I can see it now… Take a few boxes over, unpack them, then spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool. Sounds lovely right? Boy am I excited!!!


Let me know what you think.

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