Photos of the Week

A few days ago I took my camera out to Hartwood Acres Park in the below freezing temperatures to get my creative juices flowing again. I was playing around with the adjustments in the aperture and shutter speed to try to get different looks to my photos. I quickly discovered that by slowing down the shutter speed and leaving the shutter open as I moved the camera it created a photo that has the look of a painting. The way the light and dark colors drag across the image looks to me like strokes of paint left by a brush. Awed by the fact I could produce an image with my digital camera that looked hand painted, naturally I experimented with the technique in a few different way. I swept the camera side to side, up and down, and also in a circle. Sometimes the original object of the photo is still recognizable, other times not. I haven’t decided yet which I prefer aesthetically but I think it’s pretty interesting regardless. Hope you think so too!