Apartment: Step 2

I FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! I’ve already signed my lease too! It’s so perfect. I have yet to find any major flaws actually. My biggest criteria included: living in an area that I can walk to stores and shops, hardwood floors, one bedroom, lots of light, a nice size kitchen, and a few features that are unique to the apartment. I succeeded in finding all of those! I was first drawn to my new home by it’s location. I really miss being able to walk places (after living in walkable cities like Seattle, New York, and Dresden) and from my new apartment I will be able to walk to restaurants, bars, shops, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and a local farmer’s market! I could already see pictures of the interior on the rental companies website so the trip I took to look inside the apartment in person was really just to make sure they weren’t false advertising. Well, they weren’t. The interior looked just as lovely as I was expecting and I left the leasing office about 20 minutes later with my new lease in hand!

The apartment is mine beginning in July. Perfect timing. I go back to work for the next ballet season in the middle of July so it will be nice to have the chance to get settled before I start back in the studio. Today I did a little organizing of what I have that has been sitting in boxes since I moved home from Seattle. Most of what I went through so far came from the kitchen but I have a box full of CDs and DVDs and cookbooks as well. I also printed up a floor plan of my apartment from the website so I can begin thinking of ways to arrange my furniture. (So handy). It’s going to be a bit rough to make everything fit, particularly in my bedroom, but I’m up for the challenge!